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Hi everyone and welcome to Vegan Aesthetics. This website was created to help each and every one of you on your health and fitness journey. I wanted to create a space that allowed like-minded individuals to come together to build a community to help and support each other in reaching your individual goals. This website will host 12 week challenges to supply you with meal plan and workout plan advice to help you on your journey. Every 12 week challenge will feature different meal plan and workout plans to allow you to consistently change up your routine to keep you interested and working towards your overall goal. The community page will allow you to create and join different groups and forums to share your journey with others, to ask questions and make new friends. I want to see you all posting your progress photos, your meals you have made from the plans, photos of yourself in the gym, anything that is relevant to your journey. I am here to help and support you all and you are all here to help and support each other. Whether you are looking to build some muscle or lose some fat, we are all here to support you! So sign up today and see what you can achieve every 12 weeks! If you want to see a change then you have to be the change.


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